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incubator known as Water-electric cells (mold)

primarily for health care, the pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry, industrial production and agricultural and other scientific research departments for bacterial culture, breeding, fermentation and other temperature testing.

1 structural features

2 Features

3 electric incubator Practice

4 Technical Data

structural features folding Edit this paragraph

● insulation performance and temperature uniformity are good.

● thermostat still better off when water jacket case.

● water jacket liner made of high quality stainless steel or copper material.

● microcomputer intelligent temperature controller and a bimetal regulator two kinds of temperature control.

● an overflow device to prevent deformation of the water jacket. Type in "Ⅱ" for a new generation of products, with product characteristics.

● outer door with a rectangular viewing window, easy to look at the indoor samples.

● clean and nice.

● use a good silicone rubber gasket sealing performance. The main technical indicators:

● Temperature range: room temperature 5 ~ 60 ℃

● temperature fluctuations: Great to ± 0.5 ℃

● temperature uniformity: ≤ ± 1 ℃

● Power Supply: AC 220V, 50HZ

Heated Incubators Practice

Use fold

1.1 the power switch to the "l" is at its power indicator light, there is a temperature control device digital display;

1.2 temperature settings

a. When the desired temperature and the set temperature plus mature phase without unprincipled set, otherwise you need to re-set. Press temperature control device function key "SET" to enter the temperature setting state, SV setting display twinkling, press the shift key "◢" with the plus key "△" or minus key "" to set the end basis having Function key "SET" to confirm.

b. As no need to set 3 7 ~ C, the original set 2 6.5 ~ C, press the function key "SET", then press the shift key "◢", move the cursor to the display ten numbers, then Press the plus "△", so ten digits from "2" raised to "3", after the ten-digit set, move the cursor sequentially set bits and sub-digits, so that the set temperature is displayed as 3 7 ~ C Press the function key "SET" to confirm, the temperature setting ends.

1.3 upper limit tracking alarm settings

products factory set up high 1 0C, generally not be set. To reset press the function key "SET" 5 seconds, the instrument into the upper track alarm set state "ALl" press the Shift key "◢" with the plus key "△" or minus key "▽" operation, press the function key "SET" to confirm. End tracking alarm setting.

1.4 temperature display value correction

Since the former factory have been rigorously tested, generally not amended. Poor environmental goods such as when used, the outside temperature is too low or too high, it will cause the temperature inside the display value and the actual temperature error, such as beyond the scope of the technical indicators, it can be corrected. Specific steps: press the function key "SET" 5 seconds, the instrument parameter setting cycle state "ALl", continue to press the function key "SET", so that the "display" SC "amendment, and then press the Shift key" "with the plus key "△" or minus key "▽" operation, temperature correction can be performed. Finally the key "SET" to confirm the end of the temperature display value correction.

After the 1.5 setting, long-term preservation of the data. At this point enters the incubator temperature state, heating indicator light. When the inside temperature close to the set temperature, the heat indicator light light suddenly put out, repeatedly, control goes to a constant temperature.

1.6 and outside the door opened, the items placed in the desired culture incubator, inside and outside the closed door, such as the inner and outer doors open too long, the inside temperature of some fluctuations, this is normal.

1.7 Training need to choose based on time, after the incubation period, the power switch to "0", if not remove the items immediately, please do not open the door.

1.8 if you control accuracy and volatility have higher requirements, can be self-tuning PID control, when the temperature inside the incubator for the first time to reach the set temperature, press the function key "SET" 5 秒, set the instrument into circulation "ALl", continue to press the SET "button to make the" display "ATU", SV displays "0000", then press the plus key "△" make SV displays "0001", press the function key "SET" to confirm, the self-tuning indicator light, temperature control device into the self-tuning PID control.

Maintenance fold

2.1 incubator enclosure must be effectively grounded to ensure safety;

2.2 incubator should be placed in the room with good ventilation conditions, can not be placed at around flammable materials;

2.3 Never place objects inside too crowded, must stay out of space;

2.4 and outside the box should be kept clean daily, should be cleaned after each use. Long-term need to be covered plastic dust cover, placed in the drying chamber;

2.5 device administrator for examination by CNAL recognized units of measurement in accordance with test plans and save the measurement certificate. Temperature control device administrator periodically conduct inspections, see "Check for equipment operation procedure"

2.6 inspectors for each course at least twice every time the temperature checked and recorded "incubator temperature record"

Note fold

3.1 Working indoor items placed Never too crowded, so in the heat cycle, the article is heated evenly.

3.2 incubator use, abnormal temperature changes, and should. Stop check. [1]

Technical Data Folding Edit this paragraph

1, dual temperature and humidity control, low temperature and low humidity

2, compressor cooling

3, electron temperature and humidity sensor sampling

4, computer intelligent control

5, digital temperature and humidity table

6, Door box: hollow glass door, double foam insulation, cabinet technical parameters

7, the temperature range: 0 ~ 50 ℃

8, humidity range: 30-95% RH range as per customer requirement

9, Dimensions: W550 × D600 × H1250

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