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  Xenon weathering test is an important means of scientific research and production process to optimize product formulations consisting of screening, is also an important content of the application materials such as coatings, plastics, aluminum panels, as well as automotive safety glass and other products quality inspection standard products are Weathering tests required to do. Xenon weathering chamber major factor causing material simulate aging is sunlight and moisture, weathering testing machine can simulate the damage from the sun, rain and dew caused. Xenon weathering chamber xenon lamps simulate the effect of sunlight, use of rainwater and dew condensation moisture simulation, test material is placed in the light at a certain temperature and moisture alternating cycle program for testing, with the number of days or weeks of time that is can be reproduced even years emerging hazards outdoors for several months, it accelerated aging test data can help select new materials, improving existing materials, and evalsuate how changes in formulation affect product durability.

  xenon lamp aging chamber can simulate using full sunlight spectrum xenon arc lamps to reproduce the presence of different environments destructive waves, simulation can provide the appropriate environment for the scientific research, product development and quality control and accelerated test, also known as the "sunshine Radiation Protection test equipment ", according to the test standards and methods are divided into three kinds, air-cooled xenon lamp (LP / SN-500), a water-cooled xenon lamp (LP / SN-500), Desktop xenon lamp (TXE), with the difference that the temperature of the test, humidity, accuracy, and time. Aging test series is indispensable for detecting instruments.


  xenon lamp aging chamber using the energy simulation full sunlight spectrum xenon arc lamps to reproduce the presence of different environments destructive waves:

  1. for scientific research, product development and quality control to provide the appropriate environment for simulation and acceleration tests.

  2. Select the new materials can be used to improve the existing material or to assess changes in the durability of the material changes after the test.

  3. can be a good simulation under different environmental conditions, the material is exposed to changes arising in the sun.

  4. If the test sample has little or much, it is recommended to use a desktop xenon lamp, can achieve the same effect.

  Specifications Model

  Model WS-XD-500 (air-cooled type) WS-XD-900 (water-cooled)

  studio size D × W × H 50 × 76 × 50 (cm) 95 × 95 × 85 (cm)

  Dimension D × W × H 103 × 109 × 164 144 × 128 × 206

  The total power 11.5KW 12.5KW


  at the beginning of the last century, first appeared in the world xenon lamp aging chamber, it is composed by a carbon arc lamp as the light source lamp placed vertically in the center of the instrument, surrounded with a filtration system and a rotating sample holder. Test samples for the light source is mounted, and, like a conveyor belt around a central light rotation. Thereafter, the xenon lamp aging test has been continuously improved, although the principle has not changed, but the performance and form has changed radically, however, whether it is the type of chamber, all with control light intensity, temperature and relative humidity control system , Xenon Test Chamber is widely used to test the light stability of materials and products and engage in aging.


  1, the use of full-spectrum xenon lamp emitting tube;

  2, a variety of alternative filtration system;

  3, rain shower functions;

  4, relative humidity control.

  5, the chamber air temperature control system;

  6, irregularly shaped sample holder;

  7, cheap xenon arc lamps.

  8, xenon lamp aging chamber has easy to install, easy to use and routine maintenance of simple features.

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