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mold chamber

mold chamber is an incubator, mainly biology and plant cultivation, set the appropriate temperature and humidity in a confined space, make mold grow at about 4-6 hours, as the use of artificial accelerate the propagation of mold , anti-mold and mildew ability to assess the degree of electrical and electronic products. Artificial three anti-climate is an important means of detection, tertiary institutions, medical, military, electronics, chemical, biological research department for storage of bacteria, biological culture, scientific research laboratory test equipment required. For testing and determine its parameters and performance in hot and humid temperature environment changes after


Studio Size(D*W*H)mm














  Controller: Chamber imported Korea three yuan digital touch button temperature and humidity control, PID precision control, to prevent instability in the long run; visual display humidity control, temperature and humidity in contrast to abandon the original defect < / P>

  Display Resolution

  temperature: 0.1 ℃ (display range)

  Time: 0.1min

  Humidity: 0.1% RH (temperature and humidity test equipment)

  The temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance thermometer body

  Control: heat balance humidity thermostat mode

  temperature and humidity control using the same channel coordination control PID + SSR system

  with automatic calculation of the function, temperature and humidity conditions can be amended immediately so that more precise control of temperature and humidity stable

  subsidiary function

  fault alarm and causes the processing prompts

  power protection

  calendar timer function (automatic start and automatic stop running) self-diagnostic function


  box outside the gallbladder: high quality A3 steel plate CNC machining, shell surface spray, more clean and beautiful;

  inner tank: Imported SUS304 quality mirror stainless steel plate;

  insulation material: high-density glass fiber cotton insulation thickness of 100mm;

  stirring system: The long axis of the fan motor, high temperature resistance of stainless steel multi-blade impeller, in order to reach the intensity of convective vertical diffusion cycle;

  using high-tensile double heat seal between the door and the cabinet in order to ensure a closed test area;

  no reaction door handles, easier operation;

  at the bottom of the machine: can be fixed with high quality PU wheels;

  Observation window: multi-layer hollow glass, glue chip inside the conductive film (which can be clearly observed during the test);

  test hole (machine left) external test power line or signal line;

  nickel alloy using far-infrared high-speed warming (2KW × 1) electric heater.

  Functions: temperature, humidity, alternating, mold completely independent systems;

  temperature and humidity control output by the microcomputer calculus, to achieve high precision and high efficiency power efficiency;

  external boiler steam humidifier;

  humidity are controlled by the co-channel coordinated control PID + SSR, the system;

  temperature and humidity control instrument Korean imports of large screen (7.0-inch LED display) screen is simple to operate, easy to edit programs without key input, touch the option directly on the screen;

  The return air chamber with automatic defrosting device so as to make the water vapor produced during the test will not collect on the refrigeration evaporator to produce ice blocking phenomenon;

  closed refrigeration system is controlled by the French Taikang 1HP × 1 group using a stand-alone cooling mode.

  Executive Standard: GB10592-89 technical conditions of high and low temperature

  GB10586-89 damp heat test chambers

  GB2423.1-2001 Test A high temperature test methods

  Test Ca Damp heat test method GB2423.3-93 constant

  GB2423.16-93 mildew Test Test Method

  Use of the environment: 1, the installation site

  ground level, well-ventilated

  peripheral equipment without strong vibration

  no strong electromagnetic fields affect surrounding equipment

  peripheral equipment non-flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dusts

  peripheral equipment leave appropriate use and maintenance of space,

  2, the power supply condition

  Power requirements: AC380V ± 10% 50 ± 0.5Hz three-phase five-wire system

  pre-installed power: Total power + 2.0KW

  at the installation site requires users to configure the appropriate capacity of air or power switch for the device, and this switch must be independent of the device for use (suggested power switching capacity: 32A)

  3, environmental conditions

  ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ + 30 ℃ (within 24 hours the average temperature ≤30 ℃)

  Humidity: ≤85% RH

  4, water conditions (damp-heat and need water equipment only)

  using pure water, distilled water, deionized water. Resistivity ≥500Ω.m

  5, Other Considerations

  During the test chamber door open will cause tank temperature and humidity fluctuations; during the test several times to open the door or if the door open for a long time or test sample distribute moisture may cause the refrigeration system heat exchanger icing can not work properly

  mold chamber, as artificial propagation speed up the use of mold, mildew and mold ability level assessment of electrical and electronic products.

  mold chamber using CNC machining box, nice shape, and no reaction handle, easy to operate. Box liner imported high grade stainless steel mirror panels, steel box outside the gall bladder using A3 spray, increasing the appearance of texture and cleanliness. Fill the water tank placed in the lower right of the control box, and automatic water protection, operator convenience and add water. Large observation window with bright lights to keep the box, and the use of heating element embedded glass, clear observation box condition at any time. Humidification system piping and control board separately, can avoid humidification pipeline leakage failure to improve security. Water system piping circuit system is used door open, easy maintenance and repair. Cabinet insulation microfiber cotton insulation, to avoid unnecessary energy loss.

  mold chamber for aerospace products, materials, electronic products, all kinds of electronic vitality in hot and humid environment, testing its performance.

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