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product name:Rain test machine

Product Details

  This equipment is used to simulate the dynamic operation of the test material at various intensity rain environment, to assess the work quality of the product.


  studio material for high-quality imported stainless steel, A3 steel shell electrostatic spraying

  all other parts in contact with water are stainless steel or copper material

  This equipment is suitable for product components and materials test lake

Type WS-LY-800
Studio Size 80 × 80 × 80
studio temperature range RT
sprinkler radius 0.3 ~ 0.4mm
Straight sprinkler pipe 900 ~ 2700 optional
& nbsp; high-quality stainless steel water pipe diameter of 600mm, diameter is 20mm
nozzle diameter and spacing 0.4mm
water pressure 60 ~ 100Kpa
Test Bench Speed ​​ 1 ~ 10 rev / min adjustable, test stand diameter 30mm
& nbsp; cycle test equipment control program can be set on / off time. Equipped with work timer
Equipment Electric Power 1.5KW  

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