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product name:Dust Tester

Product Details

  The sand and dust testing machine for doing product testing and reliability test sealing performance characteristics

  liner material made of stainless steel, cold-rolled plate shell electrostatic spraying. Imported intelligent temperature control instrumentation

  small programmable controllers, each system has a protective function.

  metal mesh nominal diameter: 50μm

  The nominal spacing between line: 75μm

  the amount of talc: 2kg / m3 ~ 4kg / m3

  for the electrical, electronics, automobiless, motorcycles and other products, parts, etc. dust test.

  the implementation of standards and test methods

  GB4208-93 dust test method

  GB2423.37-89 Shachen Test Method

  GJB150.12 Shachen Test Method

GB10485 dust test method Specifications
Type WS-SC-500 WS-SC-800 WS-SC-010 WS-SC-015 WS-SC-020
studio volume 500 800 1000 1500 2600 
Technical features Metal mesh standard spacing 50um
standard spacing between lines 75um
Talc amount 2Kg / m2 ~ 4Kg / m2
dusting dust form

1 dust free formula: the use of centrifuges to blow the dust tank top 1/5 of the height of its free settlement .

2 Blowing Dust: bottom pneumatic ejectors, third gear adjustable pressure .

Studio Size D 80 90 100 100 120 
W 80 90 100 100 120 
H 80 100 100 150 180 
Control Systems  Studio Advanced brushed stainless steel
shell cold rolled sheet rust and spray
interface Digital Smart Touch the keys to enter the
Run constant type run
Enter PT-100 Sensors
subsidiary function Timer Function
standard configuration with dust bake dry apparatus, vibrators, sample holder, wide observation window (door)
safety device fuse overload off protection, ground fault protection, etc.
using the power AC380V or 220V ± 10%, 50HZ
Power 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.5 0.5 

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