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The machine in the promotion of vulcanized rubber deterioration, to calculate the change before and after heating the tensile and elongation rate. Is generally believed that the aging 70 ℃ inside the test day, the equivalent of six months of the natural environment. Specifications

Type WS-LH-80 WS-LH-150 
inside the box 40x40x50 cm 50X50X60 cm
temperature selector RT +10 ~ 200 ℃ (300) ℃
specimen holder rotation speed 5 ~ 10rpm
electric 3KW 4KW
blower motor 1 / 4HP
rotary motor 6W
volume 91X55X100cm 100X65X114cm 
weight 87KG 90KG
Power 1Φ, AC 220V, 15A 1Φ, AC220V, 19.5A 

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