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      Tianjin Weisi Experimental Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high technology enterprise, which is supported by its advantages of international class technique, world first class quality, top talents, scientific innovation strategy and customer- oriented principle. 

 WEISIThe company was established in June1986, which was specialized in sheet metal processing and cold storage project. To match with the market requirement, we decided to build a new plant to entre into experimental instrument industry at Dongguan, Guangdong province in September 2003. In order to improve product quality and be competitive, we acquired a Taiwan enterprise which had high reputation and years of experience in experimental instrument industry in July 2006. 

       As one of the earliest environmental reliability experimental instrument manufactures in China, we always look product quality as our life. Our core technical maintains the international first-class level. To keep continuous improvement, we introduced more than 100 innovations from Germany, U.S.A, Italy and Japan in our production. Meanwhile, we studied and produced more than 60 first-class experimental instruments, which obtained many National Technical Patents and gained the positive response from our worldwide clients. After years of hard working, we have built the most advanced technical strength, high efficiency work team and strong foundation to realize our target to go world.
Our products are organized into 3 main categories like Environmental Testing facility, Reliable Test facility and Mechanical Laboratory equipment. Our main products include Constant Temperature and Humidity chamber, Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity chamber, Rapid Change High-low Temperature Testing machine, Thermal Shock chamber, Temperature and Humidity Vibration Testing facility, High-low Temperature Low Pressure Testing facility, Salt Fog chamber, Dry and Wet Salt Fog Testing facility, Sulfur Dioxide Based Salt Spraying Tester, Climatic Chamber, Drying Oven, Vacuum Drying Oven, Tension Tester, High-low Temperature Tension Tester, UV Climate Testing facility, Xeon-lamp Weather Resistance facility, Ozone Climatic Testing facility, Rain Testing facility, Dust Testing facility, Vibration Testing facility etc. dozens of series and more than 100 kinds of chambers.
Tianjin Weisi products are qualified by International Authoritative Organization and National Metrology Bureau, can be widely used in Scientific Research Institution, Colleges and Universities, Quality Inspection Agencies, Aerospace, Military, Auto Parts, Electric Industry, LED, Rubber, Plastic, Communications, Cable, Chemical Industry, Aerospace and so on. Depends on prominent strengths of talents, technical and capital, we can provide high quality Environmental Reliable products which can match with the standards of GB, GJB、IEC、MIL、DIN etc.
With the advanced technical strength, continuous innovation ability, quality advantages, alive professional team, excelsior manufacturing technique and world cutting-age innovation mentality, Tianjin Weisi Company, supported by an International, standard and professional quality policy, spare no effort to become the worldwide leading provider of the test instruments industry.  

Contact:Ms Zhang MB:+0086-18322499311 Address: Xixiao Zhuang Industrial Park, Chagugang Town,Wuqing District,Tianjin,China
Tel:+0086-22-22910499 E-mail:tracyzhang@chinaweisi.com
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